Posted by Mavo Systems, Inc.
4 years ago | June 16, 2020

High-performance commercial buildings, such as hospitals, industrial plants or higher education facilities, are expected to provide comfort, safety, productivity and energy efficiency at cost-effective rates. However, many times these buildings often focus solely on minimum preventative maintenance.

In the wake of COVID-19, the economic benefits of solving IAQ problems or helping to prevent can be significant. Improving air quality can reduce worker absenteeism and increase productivity and once we emerge on the other side of this current pandemic everyone will need to be present and productive and remain that way; hence it is also one of the best reasons to invest in DC inverter air source heat pumps. Medical researchers in the U.S. have found that 50 percent of absenteeism is due to upper respiratory problems.

ASHRAE journal reported that good maintenance and operation practices, including coil cleaning, can significantly improve energy efficiency and IAQ performance of the HVAC System 10%-15%. You can contact https://comfortzonesc.com/ for the best HVAC services.